Load Moving Skate CTXY type

Item No.: 801005
The load moving skates consists of one front steerable skate and two rear skates. It's ideal for moving industrial machine and heavy loads.
Description What is a Load Moving Skate

H-Lift Machine Moving Skate CTXY type

  • Ideal for moving industrial machine and heavy loads.
  • Set consists of one front steerable skate (X serie) and two rear skates (Y serie).
  • X serie steerable skate allowing the load to change direction whilst being moved.
  • Y serie rear skates are held in line with a tie rod.machine skates,loading skates,machine moving skates,moving skate,machinery mover dolly


Model Capacity Model Load Plate Area Size Handle Length  Skate Size Weight Product Code
t mm mm L×W×H (mm) kg
CTXY08 8 X4 + Y4 X4 Φ150 1020 230×220×113 28 801005008
Y4 130×130 260-1000 170×130×113
CTXY16 16 X8 + Y8 X8 Φ160 1130 493x527x113 71 801005016
Y8 200×160 490-1700 200x195x113
CTXY24 24 X12 + Y12 X12 Φ180 1130 536x748x113 99 801005024
Y12 280×180 650-1780 280x200x113
CTXY32 32 X16 + Y16 X16 Φ200 1300 560x899x113 129 801005032
Y16 339×175 650-2000 204x339x113
CTXY36 36 X18 + Y18 X18 Φ200 1300 616x762x113 145 801005036
Y18 280×270 650-2080 300x280x113
CTXY48 48 X24 + Y24 X24 Φ220 1600 684x882x162 242 801005048
Y24 330×200 730-1320 230x330x162
CTXY64 64 X32 + Y32 X32 Φ 250 1600 690x1103x169 315 801005064
Y32 420×220 930-2420 230x420x169
What is a Load Moving Skate

A load moving skate is a type of material handling equipment that is designed to move heavy loads, such as machinery or equipment, across a flat surface. It is typically used in industrial and manufacturing settings where heavy loads need to be moved quickly and efficiently.

A load moving skate usually consists of a flat platform or base that is equipped with several wheels or rollers that allow it to move smoothly and easily across the surface. The platform is usually made of heavy-duty materials such as steel or aluminum to withstand the weight of the load.

Load moving skates come in different configurations, including single or multiple rollers, and can be powered or non-powered. Non-powered skates require manual pushing or pulling, while powered skates use an electric motor or hydraulic system to move the load.

Load moving skates are considered a safer and more efficient alternative to manually lifting and carrying heavy loads, as they can reduce the risk of back injuries and other strains. However, they should only be used by trained personnel who are familiar with the equipment and safety procedures, and the load should be secured properly to prevent accidents or damage to the load.

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