Ro Ro Lashing Chain Tensioner

Item No.: 4130
Ro Ro Lashing Chain Tensioner/Lashing Chain Tension Lever is suitable for tensioning and lashing cargo lashing chains, suitable for heavy cargo on ships and ro ro transport.
Description What is a Lashing Chain Tensioner

H-Lift Chain Tensioner or Lashing Chain Tension Lever is suitable for tensioning and lashing cargo lashing chain, the chain tensioner can shorten the length of the chain so that the chain can always be tensioned to the correct length. The tension lever is always used in combination with cargo lashing chains.

Chain tensioner with hook, BL 10t for 9mm diameter lashing chain

Chain tensioner with hook, BL 15t for 11 mm diameter lashing chain

Chain tensioner with hook, BL 20t for 13 mm diameter lashing chain

Material: High Tensile Steel

chain tensioner

Item No. Size Breaking Load Dimensionsmm Weight Product Code
mm t A B C D E kg
CT0910 9 10 585 280 10 600 240 3.2 413001009
CT1115 11 15 600 340 12 600 290 4.5 413001011
CT1320 13 20 580 400 14 600 350 5.6 413001013
Chain Tensioner and Lashing Chain
What is a Lashing Chain Tensioner

A lashing chain tensioner, also known as a chain tensioner or a chain binder, is a mechanical device used to tighten and secure lashing chains when securing cargo during transportation. Its primary purpose is to provide tension to the chain, ensuring that the cargo remains stable and tightly held in place during transit.

Lashing chains are often used to secure heavy or oversized cargo on trucks, trailers, flatbeds, ships, or other cargo-carrying vehicles. These chains need to be tightened properly to prevent the cargo from shifting, sliding, or becoming loose, which could lead to accidents, damage, or loss of cargo.

The lashing chain tensioner typically consists of a ratcheting mechanism that allows the user to pull the chain through the tensioner and apply tension by leveraging the handle. This action tightens the chain around the cargo, creating a secure and stable hold.

The process of using a lashing chain tensioner involves the following steps:

  • Attach the lashing chain with hooks or connectors to anchor points on the cargo and the vehicle or transport structure.
  • Insert the other end of the lashing chain through the tensioner.
  • Begin ratcheting the tensioner by pulling the chain through the mechanism using the handle.
  • Continue ratcheting until the desired tension is achieved, securely holding the cargo in place.
  • Lock the tensioner in place to prevent it from loosening during transport.

It's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for using lashing chain tensioners properly. Over-tightening or improper use can lead to equipment damage, and under-tightening can result in insufficient cargo securing.

Always ensure that the lashing chains, hooks, and tensioner used are appropriate for the weight and size of the cargo being transported. Additionally, make sure to comply with relevant safety regulations and best practices to ensure a safe and successful cargo transport operation.

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