Slide on Truck Winch with 50mm 9m Webbing Strap AS/NZS 4380

Item No.: 403050097
H-Lift Ratchet Tie Down Assembly to AS/NZS 4380:
Ratchet Webbing Tie-Down Assembly is now widely used in the transport industry. Webbing tie-downs are light-weight, easy to handle and easy to use.

Slide on Truck Winch c/w 50mm/2500kg x 9m Webbing Strap with Hook & Keeper

slide on truck winch strap with hook and keeper

Item No. Strap Width(mm) Strap Length(m) Lashing Capacity (kg) End Fitting Product Code
STW50HK5T9 50 9 2500 Hook & Keeper 403050097


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