AS 1138-2008 Thimbles for Wire Rope

AS 1138-2008, titled "Thimbles for Wire Rope," provides guidelines and specifications for the design, materials, dimensions, and performance requirements of thimbles used in wire rope applications. The standard covers both forged and cast thimbles.

Thimbles used in wire rope applications play a crucial role in protecting and reinforcing the eye of the wire rope. They help prevent wear, abrasion, and deformation at the termination point, thereby enhancing the durability and strength of the wire rope assembly.

When selecting wire rope thimbles in accordance with AS 1138-2008, it is important to consider factors such as the wire rope diameter, the type of thimble (forged or cast), and the material used (commonly steel or stainless steel). Following the guidelines outlined in the standard ensures that the thimbles meet the necessary performance and safety requirements.

It's important to note that AS 1138-2008 is an Australian standard. If you are in a different country, there may be other relevant standards or regulations applicable to wire rope thimbles. It's always recommended to consult the appropriate standards and guidelines specific to your region to ensure compliance and safety.

If you require further information or have specific questions regarding thimbles for wire rope, please let me know, and I'll be happy to assist you.

AS 1138-2008 Thimbles for wire rope