Beam Clamp

A beam clamp is a type of fastener used to secure and attach objects to steel beams or structural members in construction or industrial settings. It is designed to clamp onto the flange of a steel beam, providing a secure attachment point for hanging or suspending items such as pipes, conduit, HVAC equipment, or other machinery.

Beam clamps typically consist of a clamp body and a threaded rod or bolt that can be tightened to secure the clamp onto the beam. The clamp body may have a set screw or other mechanism to prevent it from sliding along the beam or rotating once installed. Some beam clamps may also have a swivel or pivot feature, allowing the attached item to be adjusted or positioned at different angles.

Beam clamps come in a variety of sizes and load capacities, so it is important to choose the right type of clamp for the application and the weight of the load being supported. Some beam clamps are also designed to be used with specific beam profiles or sizes, so it is important to check compatibility before installation.

Beam clamps are commonly used in construction, industrial, and manufacturing settings where it is necessary to hang or support equipment from steel beams or structural members. They are often used in conjunction with other fasteners such as threaded rods, hangers, or brackets to create a secure and reliable attachment point.

H-Lift Beam Clamp