Stainless Steel Eye-Eye Turnbuckle
A stainless steel eye and eye turnbuckle is a specific type of turnbuckle designed with eye-shaped (looped) ends at both of its extremities. Each eye end of the turnbuckle has a closed circular loop, which can be used to attach cables, ropes, or other tensioning elements.
Eye Bolt and Eye Nut
An "eye bolt" and "eye nut" are two related hardware components commonly used for lifting, rigging, and securing applications. They both feature an "eye" or a loop at one end for attachment purposes, but they serve different functions:
High Test Chain
"High test chain" refers to a specific type of chain known for its high tensile strength and durability. It is commonly used in various applications where strength and reliability are essential. Here are some key characteristics and uses of high test chains:
Swivel Hook with Latch
A swivel hook with latch is a type of hardware or fastening device that consists of a hook with a swivel mechanism and a latch. This design allows for greater flexibility in attaching and securing objects while providing a locking mechanism for added safety. Here are some key features and uses of swivel hooks with latches:
Carbon Steel Eye Hook
A carbon steel eye hook is a type of hardware or fastener made from carbon steel, which is a popular material for its strength and durability. This type of hook has an eye-shaped loop at one end, which is typically used for attaching ropes, chains, cables, or other objects. Here are some key features and uses of carbon steel eye hooks:
Closed Body Rigging Screw
A closed body rigging screw, also known as a turnbuckle, is a mechanical device used to adjust the tension or length of a cable, wire, rope, or rod in applications such as rigging, construction, maritime, and various other industries. It consists of two threaded eye bolts, each with a right-hand or left-hand thread, which are connected by a central body. The body can be turned, effectively changing the distance between the two eye bolts and thus adjusting the tension in the connected material.
Safety Pin Bow Shackle
A safety pin bow shackle, also known simply as a safety pin shackle or bolt shackle, is a type of shackle commonly used in rigging and lifting applications. It is designed with a more secure locking mechanism compared to screw pin shackles. The safety pin bow shackle is used to connect various components of lifting or rigging equipment and is known for its safety features.
Screw Pin Bow Shackles
A screw pin bow shackle is a type of fastening device used in rigging and lifting applications. It's designed to connect various components of lifting or rigging equipment together securely. Shackle types can vary based on their design and features, and a screw pin anchor shackle specifically has a removable screw pin or bolt that is used to secure the two ends of the shackle.
DIN 1478 Closed Body Turnbuckle
A closed body turnbuckle, as the name implies, has a closed or sealed body construction. It typically consists of two end fittings, a threaded rod, and a tubular body enclosing the rod. The end fittings are often eye bolts, eye nuts, or hooks that allow for easy attachment to ropes, cables, or other tensioning elements.

The closed body design offers several advantages compared to open body turnbuckles. It provides additional protection to the internal threads and mechanisms, shielding them from external elements such as dirt, debris, and corrosion. The closed body construction also enhances the overall strength and durability of the turnbuckle.
Screw Pin Bow Shackle
A screw pin bow shackle is a type of shackle commonly used in lifting and rigging applications. It consists of a U-shaped metal body with a threaded pin or bolt that screws into the body to secure the shackle. The U-shaped body has a bow or curved shape, which provides additional clearance and flexibility when connecting various lifting or rigging components.
Rigging Hardware
Rigging hardware refers to a wide range of devices, fittings, and equipment used in the field of rigging and lifting operations. Rigging hardware is essential for connecting, securing, and manipulating loads during lifting, hoisting, and other material handling tasks. These hardware components are designed to provide strength, stability, and safety in various rigging applications.
DIN 766 Steel Link Chain
DIN 766 steel link chains find applications in various industries, including marine, agriculture, construction, and general lifting applications. They are commonly used for hoisting, securing loads, towing, and anchoring purposes.
Regular Swivel
A regular swivel refers to a type of rotating mechanism that allows an object to rotate freely around a fixed point or axis. Swivels are commonly used in various applications, including chairs, stools, cranes, fishing reels, and many other devices.

A regular swivel typically consists of two main components: a stationary base or mount and a rotating component. The rotating component is attached to the base through a pivot point, allowing it to rotate horizontally or vertically. This pivot point is often a ball bearing or a similar mechanism that enables smooth and effortless rotation.
Carabiner Hook
A snap hook, also known as a carabiner or a snap link, is a metal fastening device with a spring-loaded gate that allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment. Snap hooks are commonly used in a variety of applications, including outdoor activities, sports, rigging, and safety equipment.
Rigging Hardware and Commercial Chain
Rigging hardware refers to a wide range of components used in lifting and rigging operations. These components are designed to connect, secure, and control loads.
Commercial chains are durable and robust chains commonly used in industrial applications for lifting, towing, and securing loads. They come in various grades, sizes, and configurations to accommodate different load capacities and working conditions.
Cable Seals
A cable seal is a type of security seal used to secure and protect various types of cables, such as electrical cables, fiber optic cables, or data cables. It is designed to prevent unauthorized access, tampering, or theft of the cables or their contents.

Cable seals typically consist of a metal locking mechanism and a durable cable or wire. The locking mechanism is usually made of high-strength materials such as steel or aluminum and incorporates a mechanism that securely fastens the cable. The cable or wire is threaded through the item to be sealed and then inserted into the locking mechanism. Once in place, the cable is tightened and locked, making it difficult to remove without causing visible damage or tampering evidence.
Commercial Type Turnbuckle
A commercial type turnbuckle is a mechanical device used to adjust the tension or length of a cable or rod in a commercial or industrial setting. It typically consists of two threaded eye bolts or hooks on either end, connected by a metal body with internal threads. The body of the turnbuckle usually has a hexagonal shape, allowing for easy gripping and rotation with a wrench or other appropriate tool.

Commercial type turnbuckles are commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as in construction, rigging, marine, and automotive industries, as well as for various outdoor or indoor installations. They are designed to provide a reliable means of adjusting the tension or length of cables or rods to achieve the desired level of support, stability, or alignment.
Snap Hook with Eyelet and Screw Gate
A snap hook with screw is a type of hardware that is designed to attach to a surface and provide a secure attachment point for ropes, chains, or cables. It consists of a metal hook with a spring-loaded gate that can be opened to allow attachment to a loop or ring, and a screw that can be tightened to securely lock the snap hook in place.

Snap hooks with screws are commonly used in applications where a quick and easy attachment and detachment is required, such as securing items to a backpack or harness. They are available in a variety of sizes and materials, including stainless steel, zinc-plated steel, and brass, to suit different needs and environments.
Eye Hook with Safety Latch
Eye hooks with safety latch are a general purpose hook for most slinging applications, comes with an added latch for additional safety. Eye type allows easy attachment to lifting apparatus.
C stands for carbon steel, C320 A stands for alloy steel, A320
Stainless Steel Rigging Hardware
Stainless steel rigging hardware refers to a variety of metal components that are used for rigging and hoisting applications, such as lifting, towing, and anchoring. Rigging hardware made of stainless steel is preferred in many industries because of its excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and strength.
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