Concrete Lifting Anchor

A precast concrete lifting clutch, also known as a concrete lifting anchor or a concrete lifting clutch assembly, is a specialized lifting device used for lifting and handling precast concrete elements, such as concrete panels, beams, and slabs, during construction or transportation. Precast concrete elements are typically manufactured offsite in a controlled environment and then transported to the construction site for installation. Precast concrete lifting clutches are designed to securely attach to the precast concrete elements and provide a reliable and safe lifting point for hoisting and positioning them.

The basic components of a typical precast concrete lifting clutch assembly may include:

  • Lifting clutch body: This is the main part of the assembly that is embedded or cast into the precast concrete element during manufacturing. It is usually made of high-strength steel and is designed to provide a durable and load-bearing attachment point for lifting.
  • Lifting clutch handle: This is the part of the assembly that protrudes from the precast concrete element and is used for attaching the lifting equipment, such as a lifting hook or shackle. The lifting clutch handle is typically made of steel and is designed to provide a safe and convenient grip for lifting and handling.
  • Locking mechanism: This is a component of the lifting clutch assembly that engages with the lifting clutch body to secure the lifting clutch handle in place during lifting. The locking mechanism may include a spring-loaded latch, a locking pin, or other types of mechanisms that prevent accidental release of the lifting clutch handle during lifting operations.
  • Markings and identification: Precast concrete lifting clutches may be marked or identified with information such as the manufacturer's name or trademark, the working load limit (WLL), and other relevant information to ensure proper use and compliance with safety regulations.

Precast concrete lifting clutches are designed and tested to meet specific load capacities and safety requirements, and they must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and relevant safety standards and regulations. Proper selection, installation, and use of precast concrete lifting clutches are essential to ensure safe and efficient lifting operations during precast concrete construction. Regular inspection and maintenance of precast concrete lifting clutches are also important to ensure their continued safe use.