Duplex Flat Webbing Sling EN 1492-1

The EN 1492-1 standard refers to the European standard for duplex webbing slings, which are used for lifting operations. Duplex webbing slings are made from two layers of webbing that are sewn together to create a durable, load-bearing lifting sling. They are commonly used in various industrial, construction, and material handling applications to lift and transport heavy loads.

The EN 1492-1 standard specifies the requirements for the design, manufacture, testing, and safe use of duplex webbing slings. This standard includes guidelines for the materials, construction, and markings of the slings, as well as the minimum safety factor, which is the ratio between the working load limit (WLL) of the sling and the maximum load that the sling is designed to lift. The standard also provides recommendations for the inspection, maintenance, and storage of duplex webbing slings to ensure their safe and reliable use.

It's important to use duplex webbing slings that comply with the EN 1492-1 standard and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe use, inspection, and maintenance. Proper training and supervision of personnel involved in lifting operations, as well as adherence to applicable regulations and industry best practices, are crucial for ensuring safe lifting operations and preventing accidents or injuries.

H-Lift Flat Webbing Sling EN 1492-1