Grade 100 Alloy Chain Fittings

Grade 100 alloy chain fittings are high-strength, durable components designed to be used with Grade 100 alloy chains. Grade 100 is a higher strength class of alloy steel chain, offering even greater strength and durability compared to Grade 80 chains.

Grade 100 alloy chain fittings are typically manufactured from alloy steel with a minimum tensile strength of 1000 N/mm² or 100 kgf/mm². These fittings are specifically designed to match the strength and capabilities of Grade 100 chains, ensuring a safe and reliable connection.

  • Common types of Grade 100 alloy chain fittings include:
  • Hooks: Grade 100 alloy hooks are designed with a higher working load limit (WLL) to match the strength of Grade 100 chains. These hooks may include clevis hooks, eye hooks, or self-locking hooks, depending on the specific application.
  • Links and connectors: Grade 100 alloy chain fittings may include various types of links and connectors, such as master links, connecting links, or quick links. These components provide secure connections between different sections of Grade 100 chains or other lifting and rigging equipment.
  • Couplers and attachments: Couplers and attachments designed for Grade 100 alloy chains allow for convenient connections or adjustments in lifting and rigging setups. These fittings can include couplers, shortening hooks, or adjusters to accommodate specific needs and configurations.

It is crucial to ensure that Grade 100 alloy chain fittings are used in conjunction with Grade 100 chains to maintain proper compatibility and safety. Following manufacturer's guidelines and industry-specific regulations is essential for the selection, installation, and use of these fittings.

Regular inspections and maintenance should be conducted to check for signs of wear, deformation, or damage in the fittings, as well as the Grade 100 chains they are used with.

As with any lifting and rigging equipment, the use of Grade 100 alloy chain fittings and related components should be performed by trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the specific application and safety requirements.

Grade 100 Alloy Chain Fittings