Rigging Hardware

Rigging hardware refers to a wide range of devices, fittings, and equipment used in the field of rigging and lifting operations. Rigging hardware is essential for connecting, securing, and manipulating loads during lifting, hoisting, and other material handling tasks. These hardware components are designed to provide strength, stability, and safety in various rigging applications.

Here are some common types of rigging hardware:

  • Shackles: Shackles are U-shaped metal devices with a pin or bolt that secures the two ends of the U-shaped body. They are used for connecting various components such as slings, hooks, and lifting devices. Shackles come in different designs, including screw pin shackles, bolt-type shackles, and chain shackles.
  • Hooks: Hooks are used for grabbing, holding, and lifting loads. They come in different configurations, such as clevis hooks, eye hooks, and grab hooks. Hooks may have latch mechanisms for added security to prevent accidental disengagement of the load.
  • Wire Rope Clips: Wire rope clips, also known as cable clips or clamps, are used to secure the ends of wire ropes together or create an eye termination. They consist of a U-shaped bolt, a saddle, and nuts that clamp the wire rope in place.
  • Turnbuckles: Turnbuckles are adjustable devices used for tensioning and adjusting the length of wire ropes, cables, or rods. They consist of two threaded end fittings and a central body that can be rotated to tighten or loosen the assembly.
  • Swivels: Swivels are rotating devices used to prevent the twisting and tangling of ropes, cables, or chains during lifting or pulling operations. They allow for smooth rotation and minimize stress on the rigging components.
  • Thimbles: Thimbles are protective devices used to prevent wire rope damage and wear at the eye or loop terminations. They are typically made of metal and are inserted into the eye of a wire rope to maintain its shape and protect against abrasion.
  • Links and Rings: Various types of links and rings, such as master links, connecting links, and quick links, are used for connecting chains, slings, and other rigging components.

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