H-Lift Flat Webbing Sling

A flat webbing sling is a type of lifting sling that is made from a woven strip of high-strength polyester or nylon webbing. It is used to lift and move heavy loads in a variety of industrial and commercial settings.

Flat webbing slings are available in a range of lengths and load capacities, and they are designed to be lightweight, flexible, and easy to use. They are typically color-coded to indicate the load capacity and are rated for a range of lifting angles.

To use a flat webbing sling, it is wrapped around the load and secured using a variety of methods, including eyes, hooks, or other fittings. The sling is then attached to a lifting device, such as a crane or hoist, and the load is lifted and moved to its destination.

Flat webbing slings offer several advantages over other types of lifting slings, including their ability to conform to the shape of the load, their high strength-to-weight ratio, and their resistance to abrasion and other types of wear and tear. They are also easier to handle than other types of slings, as they are lighter and more flexible.

Flat Webbing Sling