H-Lift Plain Trolley

A plain trolley is a device used to move loads along an overhead track in a horizontal direction. It consists of a wheeled trolley that rolls along the track, and a suspension point that connects the trolley to the load.

The plain trolley gets its name from its simple design, which consists of a frame with four wheels that can be adjusted to fit various sizes of I-beams. The suspension point can be adjusted up or down along the frame to accommodate loads of different sizes.

To use a plain trolley, the trolley is attached to the load and then rolled along the track to move the load horizontally. The trolley can be operated manually, using a hand chain or lever, or it can be powered by an electric motor.

Plain trolleys are commonly used in manufacturing, construction, and other industrial applications where heavy loads need to be moved along an overhead track. They offer several advantages, including the ability to move heavy loads with relatively little effort, the ability to precisely position loads, and the ability to move loads without taking up floor space.

However, plain trolleys are limited to horizontal movement along an overhead track, and they may not be suitable for all applications or all types of loads. Additionally, care must be taken to ensure that the load is properly secured to the trolley to prevent accidents or damage to the load.

H-Lift Plain Trolley