Ratchet Tie-down Strap AS/NZS 4380

H-Lift Ratchet Tie Down Assembly to AS/NZS 4380
  • Ratchet Webbing Tie-Downs are now widely used in the transport industry. Webbing tie-downs are light-weight, easy to handle and easy to use. Although not as durable as Grade 70 chain and components webbing tie-downs are kind on the cargo and are well suited to many types of lashing applications. Webbing lashings are more elastic than chains and therefore retain more tension than a chain assembly if the load moves or settles during transport.
  • Webbing with a linking device is used for the fastening of goods with trucks, trailers, pallets, boxes, and containers. This is also known as ratchet lashing, ratchet straps, ratchet tie downs, tie down straps and lashing with webbing.
  • Cargo strap webbing features lightweight, high pretension and less damage to cargo than load binders, suitable for general transport requirements.
  • Lashing capacities available from 400kg to 5,000kg with webbing widths from 25mm to 75mm.
  • Complies with AS/NZS 4380. 

Ratchet tie down strap AS/NZS 4380