Regular Swivel

A regular swivel refers to a type of rotating mechanism that allows an object to rotate freely around a fixed point or axis. Swivels are commonly used in various applications, including chairs, stools, cranes, fishing reels, and many other devices.

A regular swivel typically consists of two main components: a stationary base or mount and a rotating component. The rotating component is attached to the base through a pivot point, allowing it to rotate horizontally or vertically. This pivot point is often a ball bearing or a similar mechanism that enables smooth and effortless rotation.

Swivels are designed to provide flexibility and ease of movement. They allow an object or a person to rotate or turn in different directions without having to lift or reposition the entire object. For example, a swivel chair allows the person seated in it to turn around without needing to move the chair itself.

The term "regular swivel" doesn't have a specific technical definition but is often used to describe a basic or standard swivel mechanism without any additional features or specialized functionality. It implies a simple and straightforward design that allows for smooth rotation.

U.S. Type Regular Swivel