One Trip Texile Sling

The term one way use sling or one trip textile sling is given to a woven textile sling that has been designed for the specific purpose of attaching to, and accompanying, a specific product for its specified journey, from source to final destination. To avoid further use of the sling they shall be taken out of service and disposed of responsibly, to prevent further use. They must not be used as a general-purpose sling or outside of the limitations of use specified by the manufacturer. In this respect, they differ from lifting slings that comply with EN 1492-1 and that may be reused for transport and lifting operations.

The one way use sling or single use sling is simply wrapped and secured around the load and connected to a lifting device. And they will stay with the load throughout its operation until the sling is completely removed at the final destination.


  • Designed for single use applications, ideal for one-way transport operations, from the manufacturer to the final consumer.
  • Low cost with simple design, which saves time & effort.
  • Made from high-tenacity polyester yarn (PES).
  • Stronger and more compact than rope or wire rope alternative solutions.
  • Easy to use and can be pre-inserted in bundles of pipe.
  • Endless type one way sling or one way sling with eyes.
  • Color: white, yellow & other colors upon request.
  • Safety Factor 5:1 to DIN 60005 standard.
  • Safety Factor 4:1, 6:1 or 7:1 available upon request.
  • Classic areas of application:
  • Prefab-house industry and suppliers
  • Timber construction
  • Transport of overlong goods, e.g. tubes
  • Steel distribution

One Trip Textile Sling DIN 60005 H-Lift