Grade 100 Master Link with Integrated Shortening Hooks
H-Lift Grade 100 Master Link with Integrated Shortening Hooks for 2 legs, MLD type features:
Fully integrated eye grab hooks and master link.
The hooks functions as both connecting links and shorteners.
Speedy assembly.
Standard: EN 1677
Grade 80 Swivel Hook with Safety Latch
The swivel hook is designed to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for flexibility and ease of use during lifting operations. This rotation helps to reduce stress on the sling or chain and provides better load alignment. The swivel action also allows for easy attachment and detachment of loads.
Grade 80 Swivel Lifting Point
A grade 80 swivel lifting point is a type of lifting equipment designed to attach to a load and provide a secure point for lifting.
The swivel feature of this lifting point allows the load to rotate freely during lifting, which can be useful in certain applications where the load needs to be maneuvered. Additionally, the swivel action helps to reduce stress on the lifting equipment and the load itself.
Grade 100 Chain Sling
A grade 100 chain sling refers to a type of lifting sling made from grade 100 alloy steel chain links. Grade 100 is a higher strength rating compared to grade 80, making it even more robust and suitable for demanding lifting applications.

Grade 100 chain slings offer several advantages, including increased lifting capacities and improved resistance to wear, fatigue, and impact. These slings are commonly used in heavy-duty industries such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation, where there is a need for reliable and high-strength lifting equipment.
Grade 80 Weld on Hook
The term "weld-on" indicates that the hook is designed to be welded directly onto a suitable structure or component. This type of hook does not have an integrated mounting mechanism and relies on welding for secure attachment.
Grade 8 Double Leg Chain Sling
A Grade 8 double leg chain sling is a lifting device used to safely lift and transport heavy loads. It consists of two lengths of chain connected to a master link at the top and two hooks at the bottom, forming a "Y" shape. The chain is made from Grade 80 steel, which has a minimum ultimate tensile strength of 80,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
Grade 8 Master Link and Quad Assemblies
Grade 8 master links and quad assemblies are typically used in heavy-duty industrial applications that require high strength and durability. These types of components are commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, and forestry.
Concrete Lifting Anchor
A precast concrete lifting clutch, also known as a concrete lifting anchor or a concrete lifting clutch assembly, is a specialized lifting device used for lifting and handling precast concrete elements, such as concrete panels, beams, and slabs, during construction or transportation. Precast concrete elements are typically manufactured offsite in a controlled environment and then transported to the construction site for installation. Precast concrete lifting clutches are designed to securely attach to the precast concrete elements and provide a reliable and safe lifting point for hoisting and positioning them.
Double Leg Chain Sling
A double leg chain sling is a lifting sling made of two chains with end fittings attached to a master link or hook. Double leg chain slings are commonly used in lifting and hoisting operations where additional support and stability is required to safely lift heavy loads.

The two legs of the chain sling can be used to evenly distribute the load weight, which can help prevent damage to the load and reduce the risk of accidents. Double leg chain slings are often used in applications such as construction, manufacturing, and transportation.
Alloy Lifting Chain Sling
An alloy lifting chain sling is a type of lifting sling made from high-strength alloy steel chains. It is commonly used for lifting and moving heavy loads in industrial and construction settings. Alloy lifting chain slings are typically more durable and resistant to wear and corrosion than other types of slings, making them suitable for use in harsh environments.

The chains of an alloy lifting chain sling are typically made up of multiple links that are welded or interlocked together. Each link has a specific working load limit (WLL) based on its size and the material it is made from. The sling also features end fittings such as hooks, shackles, or rings, which are used to attach the sling to the load and the lifting equipment.
2-leg Chain Sling
A 2-leg chain sling is a type of lifting sling used for hoisting heavy loads. It is made up of two chains, each with a hook at one end for attaching to the load, and a master link at the other end for connecting to the lifting equipment.

The chains of a 2-leg chain sling are typically made of alloy steel, and the hooks are designed to grip onto the load securely. The master link is used to attach the sling to a lifting device such as a crane or hoist.
Grade 80 Alloy Chain Fittings
Alloy chain fittings are components used to connect and secure chains in various applications. These fittings are made from alloy materials, which offer high strength, durability, and resistance to corrosion and other forms of wear and tear.
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